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First, Happy New Year readers. Thanks for sticking with me. I hope that your 2015 has started out well and will be a great one.

I have taken the last two weeks of the year off as vacation for the last several years. I get a decent amount of vacation every year, and Ed doesn’t, so it is not like we can take too much time off together. I figure that take these two weeks off helps reduce Holiday stress, my niece’s are off school and I can hang out with them, plus with the holidays in there I don’t have to use two full weeks of vacation time. It is a win-win for me.

The funny thing about taking vacation is that everyone asks where you are going or what are you doing. My answer has always been no where or nothing. True, I am not going away to somewhere exotic or warm. But it dawned on me this week that I did not do nothing. I did all kinds of stuff. And it is perfect.

By the time that I go back to work next week, I will have had a total of 17 days off.
I will have celebrated three holidays [Christmas, New Years and my birthday.] I have cleaned my house several times. I have taking in our recycling, donations and e-waste. I have listened to 6 podcasts. Finished two books. Read the whole pile of magazines on my coffee table. Caught up on several shows on my DVR. Watched most of th 1st season of Orange is the New Black [Finally…] Slept in. Had lab work done. Renewed my driver’s license. Had a mammogram. Had a job interview. Kept my e-mail in box to a reasonable level. Had a Twilight movie marathon with Niece #1. At the time of this writing seen two movies in the theater, with one more pending. Hung out with friends and cousins. Cooked bigger meals, that I don’t normally have time for. Made tamales. Made cheesecake. Watched football and more football. Snuggled with my dogs. Packed away my Christmas decorations for another year.

I have had a lovely vacation. But I have certainly not done nothing. I have relaxed, and been more positive. I have found time for all those things that I normally don’t get to do. I have spent time with people who I love. That is never nothing. I would prefer that the time off were not coming to an end. I could really get used to getting paid for being at home, but I supposed that is too much to ask for.

So as we begin a new year, with new resolutions, new outlooks and a clean slate, I encourage a little more of this “nothing.” It is very good for you.