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I already know that I will be the kind of old person that screams at kids to get off their lawn. I have grown to accept this, even revel in it. I also know that I will be an uncooperative older person.

One of the lessons that I have learned from being a social worker, and working with elderly and disabled adults for so long, is that former nurses and social workers are the worst clients. They know their rights and they are not messing around. To those people, I say I get you and more power to you. They make my job harder now, but I applaud the tenacity.

I saw the change happening a few years ago when I found that my husband has the volume of the TV on too high. (In his defense, he is selectively deaf) And then there is the need to follow societal rules. My husband will make comments of not liking the ways things are happening and I find myself getting so mad at him because he acts like the world should bend to his views of things. “There are rules for a reason! Damnit!”

I while back, I found myself getting so irritated at an e-mail that came out to the whole department at work. The e-mail was a reminder to staff who drive the county cars that they needed to pick up their trash when they are done using the car. I could not believe that this needed to be said. Seriously people, are we not all grown ups? But I can tell you that I occasionally drive these same cars and apparently there is a definite reason for the reminder. But I again question this, are my co-workers and peers that self-absorbed that they can’t be bothered to pick up their Taco Bell cup. The answer is sometimes a resounding YES!

My office houses probably 200-300 people (or more, I am no good at estimating.) I cannot tell you how many times that I have returned to my desk having lost a little faith in humanity, simply from using the restroom. It floors me that there are adult women in my building that neglect to flush the toilet, turn off the faucet or pick up the toilet paper roll that has fallen off the poorly constructed dispenser and rolled away. Are we in Kindergarten? Does a note need to be pinned to some of our shirts to be sent home? But I can tell you that I have experienced all of these scenarios in my office building. Ladies, some of you are just gross! I would like to think that the men’s room is equally or more gross, but I have my suspicions.

I tend to fall down a rabbit hole when I think about these instances. Things like stopping in the middle of the aisle of CostCo and talking to your long-lost friend and positioning your two carts in such a way that you are blocking everyone. Why? Do you not see the hundreds of other people who are there to buy their bulk stock of TP? But I digress.

Are other countries so self-absorbed? Are other parts of the US like this? Why is it so hard to be courteous and considerate of those around us? So many questions…

So I can see that in my mid-40’s that if these things are bothering me, than it is best to just accept that I will be the old lady on the block that will be seen yelling at “those pesky kids.” And I am okay with it.



I must offer my unfortunately typical apology for not being a better blogger. I think about it all the time but time gets away with me so easily. So I appreciate you that are sticking with me and taking the time to read my thoughts, words and rants. You all are the best!