Last summer, I had a girls day planned. It was much-needed and as far as I was concerned all of my normal Saturday chores could wait.

At our house, laundry is one of the things that I am responsible for. Ed is supposed to be responsible for taking out the trash and the dishes, but we won’t get into that now… So on my girls day, my good intentioned husband offered to take care of the laundry. Hey, help with housework? Yes, please!

I got home later that evening, and was sorting the laundry with Ed in our room.

Me: Why is there a Swiffer sheet in the laundry?

Ed: I thought that was a dryer sheet.

Me: No, it is a Swiffer sheet.

Ed: Well, I guess we don’t have to worry about dust in the laundry.

Thanks for the help, hon!